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buying? selling?

By October 30, 2018No Comments

hi all! 

We have created a bulletin board in one of our windows to offer our customers the opportunity to buy, sell or trade art supplies. 

Listings must not exceed index card size (about 3×5″).

If you have something to sell, please include description of item, desired price and contact info.  If you’ll accept a trade, mention what you’d be willing to take in exchange.  If you are looking to buy something, please describe and include your contact info.  

Ads may stay on bulletin board up to a month, please let us know if your item has been sold prior to that so we can keep everything nice and up-to-date!

We’re excited about being able to offer this service, and hope you can use it!

Please note – Ads may be posted for art supplies only.  If necessary, we may need to limit ads to one per person.  

Thank you!

etty & Co.