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Brush up on your sketching skills!

By March 26, 2014No Comments

Saturdays sketching & perspective drawing with umut toker  

Umut Toker 1



Class 1 – Basic Sketching with Pencil 

April 26  – 11AM-3PM

Morning Session: Sketching Basics I –  Sketch Media, Negative Space, Contour Drawing, Tone and Detail

Afternoon Session: Sketching Basics II  – Sketch construction, using grids, defining frames

Class 2 – Intermediate Sketching with Pencil 

May 3  –  11AM-3PM

Morning Session: Sketch Rendering  –  Tone, texture, shade and shadow, details and patterns

Afternoon Session: Field Sketching –  Selecting the scene, framing the scene, observation, finishing

Class 3 – Perspective Drawing

May 10  –  11AM-3PM

Morning Session: Perspective Drawing I  –  One and two point perspective views, horizon line, vantage points, setup

Afternoon Session: Perspective Drawing II –  Perspective drawing in the studio – selecting the scene, framing the scene, finishing

Class 4 – Sketching and Perspective with Ink

May 17  – 11AM-3PM

Morning Session: Ink Sketching & Drawing Basics –  Ink media and materials, size, basics in ink drawing

Afternoon Session: Ink Sketching & Perspective Drawing in the field –  Selecting the scene, framing the scene, observation, finishing

Materials list for classes 1, 2, 3

– Pencils – 2H, HB and 2B

– Pencil sharpener

– Kneaded Eraser

– Medium surface drawing pad, 6”x8”

Materials list for class 4

– Ink pigment liners (black) – 0.1, 0.3, 0.5mm.

– Pen / ink sketch pad, 6”x8

Fee: $50 per class. PLEASE e-mail Umut at to register.

Classes will be held here at Art Central!