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Bringing creativity to others…

By June 20, 20184 Comments

I know many local artists who truly humble me with their extraordinary talent, dedication and passion.  

But there are countless others who relax and simply find joy from feeling clay squish between their fingers, or cutting and gluing and stamping, or doodling or splattering color…

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It’s so rewarding to be able to offer opportunities to be creative. One of the things I strive to achieve is a way to bring different forms of creativity to all kinds of people.

We just started a new Outreach program, and had our first external event this week at a local independent living facility here in San Luis Obispo.  To be honest, I’m not sure who enjoyed it more; Greg, who led the class, or the participants!

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We’d love to find more opportunities like this one – we’d like to offer these mini-classes to folks of all ages and abilities.  If you happen to know of a group that might be interested in this kind of experience, please let us know!

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keep on creating!