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Artist looking for studio space in SLO

By May 29, 2013No Comments

Hi, Artists – The below is a request by one of my customers – he is looking for a space to work.  He’s a nice guy, easy-going and quiet;  I’m happy to give him a good recommendation!

Hope someone has a space to help him out!  Please contact Dalton directly, at his phone # below.  Thanks, etty

I am looking for a work space (no intention for live-in) in the community of San Luis Obispo that is at least 150 sq. feet that would cost anywhere from say, $250 to $400, up to a maximum of $500/month if it is particularly appealing.

It is important that the space has good natural light and adequate plumbing (a toilet and a sink).

I am an oil painter that paints on relatively small sized canvases so odors associated with oil paints are pretty minimal, in case that is a factor for someone who is within close proximity. I have good references, I am quiet, and a non-smoker.   My phone #: 805-295-0071

Best regards,

Dalton Jamieson

(p.s. thanks again Etty!)