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This week we are featuring art from locals, classes to attend, calls to showcase your work, & events to keep an eye on. Stay tuned for all the latest information!


Robbie Conal strikes again!

Café, San Luis Obispo, CA” by Benjamin J. Biesek

Digital photography

 “An afternoon spent at my favorite café, with the lighting just so.” – Benjamin J. Biesek

“Abstract Acrylic” by Kelene

Creative Art’s by Kelene

“Excitations” by Steve Andrews

Acrylic on Irregular (2) Canvases 33″x28″

   “The use of two Canvases gave abstract shape beyond usual. Both Canvases were with images no longer of interest, re-purposed. To have a secure meeting, a cross brace was added to lower Canvas.” – Steve Andrews

“Magical Power of Color” by Steve Andrews

Mixed, cut Mat board on Fine Art paper, BFK Rives (Black) 32.750″  x   22.750″

      “This was being in a zone, giving fulfillment of my respect of Papers. In this case both Mat board and the fabulous fine Art paper, the deco edge. Exploration of surfaces.” – Steve Andrews

“Pot of Gold” by Tom Frey

Soft Pastel on 9×12

Plein Air Painting

The set for the summer production of Cyrano de Bergerac, presented by the Central Coast Shakespeare Festival, nears completion. It’s GORGEOUS! Thanks to Al Schnupp for sharing!

And Happy Birthday to Gustave Courbet!

Born in 1819, this French Realist painter is most remembered for his animated self-portraits and radical depictions of provincial life. Courbet upset conventional Salon sensibilities by painting scenes of peasants on a scale and manner reserved previously for grand historic and religious work. Scandalously, he also left patches of raw canvas exposed, accentuating the texture of his subjects and challenging ideas of what a “finished” piece should look like. Courbet’s attitude towards breaking convention influenced future art movements like the Cubists and Impressionists, and his paintings still inspire even to this day.

Workshops and Classes at Art Central

Email Spencer to Enroll

Class Fee:
$25 for one child – $40 for two

Ages: 5-11

Class limited to 10 students

Materials Included

Drawing classes with Spencer for children and teens begin in July – stay tuned for more info!

In this class students will learn the basics of creating a pinch pot using modeling clay. Students will learn about different types of clay. This clay will not require firing in a kiln so students will be able to take their projects home that same day to air dry. This is an especially good class for young students with no previous experience. 

Enroll via @mcrobbinsstudios on Instagram or text:

(209) 347-7295

Class Fee:
$25 per class, or $60 for all 3 June classes (cash, check, or Venmo)

Ages: 5+

Class limited to 12 students

We’re so sorry, this class has been cancelled, but please stay tuned for more cool classes with Meagan!

Only Two Spots Left! Woodblock Printing – starts June 14th!

Email Tricia Reichert to Enroll:

Class Fee: $210 for a 6 part workshop series
(some supplies included)

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, 1 – 4:30 pm
June 14th, 28th, Jul 12th, 26th, Aug 9th, 23rd

Limited to 10 spaces
*(Full vaccination and masking will be required)*

-Join The Central Coast Printmakers in exploring the very interesting and varied world of hand-made prints. In this series, you will be learning the process of carving and executing the ancient art of woodblock printing. All ages are welcome and no prior experience is necessary to attend these workshops.
-Some members will also be attending each of these workshops to join in and help you along the way. If you enjoy the workshops and printmaking, we’d like to invite you to become a member of the printmakers.
-Maryanne Nucci and Tricia Reichert will be teaching these workshops.

NEW: Young Adult Classes!

Email Spencer to Enroll

Class Fee:
$25 for one student – $40 for two

Ages: 11-16

Class limited to 10 students

Materials Included

Upcoming Sunday classes also taught by Spencer include Pinch Pots on June 12th!

More drawing classes with Spencer begin in July – stay tuned for more info!

This is a perfect class for anyone with a love for drawing and are trying to take their art to the next level. In this class, we will focus on using one point perspective to make the artworks look more 3-dimensional. Students will be using graphite in this lesson.

Email Ardella to Enroll

Class Fee:
$40 per class

Ages: 16+

Class limited to 12 students

Ardella Swanberg’s specialty is watercolor but she is interested in how other media interact with it. So in this class, she proposes to MIX IT UP! Explore using watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and any other water-soluble media. Each media has unique characteristics. Some play well with others and some don’t. Let’s find out what they do. We can paint watercolor over gouache, add pastel or charcoal, or even acrylic. We will work small on different surfaces to find out what works best. Bring your favorite media and she will supply the rest.

Discovering Italic Calligraphy with Mary Lou Johnson

Email or Text Mary Lou Johnson to Enroll:
(805) 441-3246 or

When: Saturday, June 25th, 12-4 pm

Fee: $35, a Parallel pen, and a $5 material fee

Class Limited to 6 Students

Learn the basics of Italic Script using a Pilot Parallel Pen. (2.4 mm suggested size, available at Art Central) Upper and lower case letters will be reviewed and demonstrated. Italic letters are fun to write and are a great choice for many creative projects. We will explore the versatility of the Pilot Pens featuring a broad edge. Bring your favorite short quotation suitable for lettering a weathergram.

Casual Pointed Pen with Mary Lou Johnson

Email or Text Mary Lou Johnson to Enroll:
(805) 441-3246 or

When: Saturday, July 16th, 12-4 pm

Fee: $35 plus a $5 material fee

Class Limited to 6 Students

An easy introduction to cursive-style lettering with a pointed pen. A practical guide to lettering capitals and minuscules will be the focus of the class. Suitable for those new to a pointed pen and great review for those who are experienced with Copperplate and pointed pen. 

Bring a few blank envelopes for tips and tricks on envelope addressing.

Email Virginia Mack to Enroll:  

Class Fee:
$35 per class

Limited to 12 spaces

This is a watercolor class designed to let you jump in and try out this engaging medium through experimentation. As we progress, we will experience and develop the basic techniques of watercolor painting and realize the characteristics of the medium.

This class is designed for beginners, as well as those with watercolor experience who wish to expand their knowledge of painting in watercolors.

Email Virginia Mack to Enroll:  
Class Fee:
$35 per class
3rd Wednesday session will be held around the county “En Plein Aire”

Limited to 12 spaces

This is a class for those who love imagining ways to further their visual expressions. We are mostly watercolor-based but branch out into other media.




This exhibit runs from August 5th through October 3rd, 2022

For this open exhibit, we are accepting all mediums! Give us the best of your west! Our region has a rich history of cowboys and grit – We want to see what you think of when you imagine the gold seekers, shantytowns, bucking broncos, golden hills, and chaparral. Find more details in the contract below. If you are interested in participating, please send us an image of your artwork to by July 15th.

To participate, please download and fill out this artist contract and bring it in with your artwork on Aug 3rd between 10 am-4 pm

Local Workshops, Events, & Calls for Artists

NEXT WEEK! Printmaking Workshop with Artists Rosey and Barbara Rosenthal

The Central Coast Printmakers will be leading a workshop in printmaking. You will learn the difference between relief and intaglio as you work on a linoleum plate. You will use cutting tools in a way that you can print in relief by hand (as you could continue at home).

You will also be taught to ink your plate in the intaglio method (think etching and engraving) and print it with an etching press. In this way, you will have a good introduction to two common printmaking techniques without the use of acid on a metal plate. Experienced printmakers will enjoy experimenting with this process as well.

For more information about the instructors: Here

COST: $100 Members; $135 Non-Members
***Materials fee is included with the 2-day class
WHERE: Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA
WHEN: June 11-12, 2022
TIME: 10 am – 3 pm with an hour lunch break. Bring your own lunch or enjoy the local restaurants


Materials: linoleum plates, papers, inks, and use of tools and other materials are all Included.

Bring your own notebook, apron, and personal gloves are optional. We have disposable gloves in a rather large size for inking and cleanup.

Contact: Kirsti Wothe (805) 996-0937

In-person and online classes with Tricia Reichert:

Make a Mosaic with Joan Fee at Art Center Morro Bay

June 25  10:00 – 12:00pm

You know you want to. Learn how simple, easy and fun it is to create a custom mosaic under the guidance of Joan Martin Fee. Everything is included to complete your project from garden rock to wall art to a cutie cast iron turtle.  Pre-registration required here.

Succulents and Driftwood with Joan Fee at Art Center Morro Bay

June 26  10:00am – 12:00pm

Enjoy a relaxing morning creating with succulents. It’s super easy and super fun!  You have several projects to choose from including lush wreaths or create a beautiful garden hanging using reclaimed wood, driftwood and succulents.  Learn more

Art Center Morro Bay – “ON AND OFF THE WALL”

It’s time to submit your paintings to The Painters Group’s upcoming exhibition, On and Off the Wall. The deadline is June 15th. This juried, unthemed exhibition takes place from August 11th to September 19th, 2022 at Art Center Morro Bay. Painters have the walls in the upstairs gallery, while Central Coast Sculptors show in the gallery’s interior space. Entry is open to artists in California, though please note: no shipping is allowed. All painting mediums, including digital, are welcome. The jurors are Flo Bartell, Julie Dunn, and Tracy Paz. Submission is through EntryThingy. Please read the full Call for Entry at

Enter sooner rather than later!

Art Center Morro Bay – “UNLOCKED”

WHAT: Call to Artists, Unlocked
WHERE: Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA 93442
WHEN: August 9, 2022, 10am – 2pm
Information: Contact Patricia Newton,

One might first consider the feelings of being locked-up. This may conjure thoughts of incarceration and confinement. Shackled by pain and fear, bound by personal or family strife, suppressed emotions of anger, sadness, grief or frustration. In other words, what keeps you locked-up?

During this exhibit, artists are asked to emancipate themselves from artistic boundaries and unlock creative freedom! Inspired by the freedom of captivity, this exhibition focuses on the power of dreams, love, forgiveness and the power of letting go! Liberate your artistic boundaries and set your creative spirit free.

This engaging exhibit will encompass a variety of artistic expression in all styles, ideas and mediums. Members are invited to submit up to (2) wall hung 2D pieces, (10) note cards, (5) portfolio prints, jewelry and (3) sculptures or 3D artworks. Please print entry forms and submit with your artwork on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from 10am – 2pm.

Submission information, fees and entry forms are located on the website:
Artist may become a member by going to or

Art Center Morro Bay Demos

The June monthly meeting/free demo has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Art Center Morro Bay – Piñata Demo with Spencer Collins

WHEN: July 11, 3-5pm

WHERE: Art Center Morro Bay, 835 Main Street, Morro Bay, CA 93442


Art Center Morro Bay is happy to present an art demonstration provided by one of our favorite art supply stores, Art Central. 

During this interactive art demonstration, Spencer Collins will show you how to use Piñata Colors. You’ll get to use vivid alcohol inks on Yupo® and Posca Markers to add extra flair! Piñata Colors clean up with alcohol and re-wet themselves, allowing for unique effects and techniques not easily achieved with water-based inks. 

This general meeting and free art demonstration is open to the public.

Clay for Sale!

Back Bay Pottery has too much B Mix with Speckles WC408 Laguna Clay Cone 5.

Visit Back Bay Pottery for more info!

Want to be featured in our next Virtual Gallery?

Send images of your artwork to with the subject “Virtual Gallery”. Please attach your image as a jpeg. Include your name, along with the title, medium & size of the artwork. And although not required, we’d love a few words about your artwork or inspiring thoughts for our viewers! Works can be finished, unfinished, or simply artistic experiments! Once there are enough submissions, we’ll update the gallery.