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We will be hosting another Virtual Garage Sale next Friday, Oct 23rd!

If you have used art supplies or art equipment you would like to sell, send us an email at with images and information no later than Wednesday, October 21st. Please include your contact info, price, condition and any necessary details! (Do not respond to this e-mail – pics will NOT attach!)

Welcome to this week’s


Here’s my recent acrylic painting, “All Is Lost.” I did this during those scary smoky weeks that CA was on fire. I hope our wildlife can survive in remaining vegetation. 

Here’s to artists creating everywhere today, trying to survive Covid, too. Thanks for your interest in my art, –Jay Bonestell.

Watercolor on paper by Roxanne Rogoway
11.5 x 14.5

Again, a world of thanks for your perseverance in keeping your store open, working through what must be very strict and changing guidelines and smiling!    We artists appreciate you, BIG TIME!
I’ve recently enjoyed a new technique with watercolor – a waxing process.  Different and challenging, but fun.  
“A Sunflower Fantasy”  16 x 12  Waxed Watercolor  
Bobbye West-Thompson

“Shadow Self-Portrait” mixed media by Norene Simmons

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” _____Desmond Tutu

As always, please keep sending us your art!  Send us images of artwork created since March 19th, so that we can include them in our blog! It helps inspire us and others to keep creating and try new things! We want to see what you are creating.
When you send images, PLEASE don’t reply to this e-mail. It is a “DoNotReply” e-mail, and images just won’t attach.  We don’t know why, but they don’t.  PLEASE E-mail your images and stories to

Stop by our gallery to see our latest exhibit!
“I’ll Take You There”

An exhibit of paintings created on solo travels during Covid-19

Watercolors by Rosanne Seitz

Exhibit runs thru November 24th

Don’t forget about our FLASH SALE, still going on!

While supplies last – there is something for everyone in this sale! From paint markers to drafting supplies to encaustic supplies and SO much more!

Here’s how to enter in
Art Central’s Creative Pumpkin Contest!


We want you to be a part of our annual “Little Treasures” holiday exhibit this December and January!

This exhibit is unique in that artists are required to sell their artwork for $100 or less for gifting season! The best gift (aside from art supplies) is a one-of-a-kind piece of art created by a local! Show runs December 3rd thru the end of January.

To participate, fill out this form and drop off with your artwork and entry fee – either Wednesday, November 25th, or Monday, December 1st – between 10am and 4pm.
If you would like us to include your artwork in our advertising, email us your images with your name, title of your artwork, and medium.

Check out what’s going on over at SLO County Arts Council this week HERE

Learning and Enrichment opportunities from our local Art instructors

Still Life Painting with Jason Mayr STARTS NOVEMBER 9th

Do you enjoy painting? Do you get stuck and are not sure how to take your work to the next level? Are you struggling to finish your work?

Be a part of a supportive and fun group of artists striving to improve their skills and work. Bring more enjoyment, camaraderie and better results to your art.
Join us from the comfort of your own home or anywhere around the world with an internet connection. I will provide clear instruction, encouragement and feedback as we work through a painting project each month.

To produce a good painting you need three things. One, the ability to see the finish before you begin. Two, the ability to execute your intention and three, the ability to recognize fine relationships. The strengthening of each of these abilities is the focus of my program. Learn to get the appropriate visibility, depth and movement in your paintings for finer works of art.

During the first two weeks of the monthly program  we will prepare to execute a painting. We use compositional and color studies to work out our problems and visualize the finished painting before we even get started. Then the following two weeks will be spent executing the painting.

This class meets on Zoom six times a month. Allowing plenty of time and opportunity for instruction and feedback both in general as well as specifically for your particular piece. Each session of classes meet 6 times via Zoom
(2 Mondays and 4 Fridays) all at 9am.
The cost is $60 a session or $180 for 3 sessions.

To sign up you can go directly to Jason’s website:

5 Days of Premium Instruction in Figure, Portrait, Landscape, Still Life, Flowers, Plein Air and more at Realism Live

Here’s how It works. First, when you sign up they’ll send you a special link to the event. On the day they start you simply click on that link. You can watch it on your phone, tablet, computer or even your TV*. 

Starting out by building some energy in the morning. You can watch or participate if you have a camera on your device. Then jump right into lessons. You can paint along, draw, or take notes. You can take breaks as you need them because you can watch your replay later. (Every registration comes with replays). A couple times each day, there will be breakout sessions where you can meet other artists. You’ll have a chance to get to know people all over the world. Then back to more lessons. At the end of each day they have a virtual online cocktail hour, where your host Eric Rhoads, will carry on a conversation with the entire group worldwide. And, if you want, you can paint along. They’ll provide a live model, or a scene, or a project to paint each day. (No model nudity.) 

Please note this goes on for four days from 12pm to 9pm (Eastern time). We suggest you block out the time as if you were out of town. 
Oh, and if you’re a beginner, or not a beginner, but not good at some of the subjects we’re teaching, you can join our beginner day where we will teach the basic principles at a beginner level in portrait, figure, still life, landscape and flowers. (Even the non beginners will love seeing the instructors).
The reality is that art is a process (but its a lot of fun even in the struggle). You’ll find yourself recalling lessons for the coming months as you paint and practice. The more you watch the replays and read the notes, the more you’ll recall. And you’ll see a dramatic increase in your ability following the conference.