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“I painted ‘Green Man Awakening‘ right at the beginning of our pandemic. I was thinking of Spring, local green hills, and emerging
 then. I guess this art takes on a whole different meaning now. Stay creative.” 

-Thank you, Jay Bonestell.

“On your last anniversary celebration, I brought my daughter Heather, and granddaughter to the demonstrations. She bought an acrylic pen set.  She is an architect at Arris in SLO and as a group activity they were asked to paint a pumpkin remotely. She grabbed your acrylic paint pen set, and this is her creation.” – Holly Smirl

“My first attempt at using an oil underpainting with pastel. Support is UART 600. 9″x9″.” – Tom Frey

A huge thank you to those who continue to send us artwork for our Virtual Gallery! It not only inspires us, but also our followers. You truly bring light and color to our community. For those who haven’t yet but would like to share your artwork with us, here’s how to participate:

Send us images of what you are creating… funny images or quotes, crafts, artwork, custom masks… to include in our next blog. Don’t be shy, send us your works in progress or pieces or crafts you have finished during this COVID time.
Include with image: your name, artwork title, medium, size, and any short messages you would like to share with our art community at this time!

PLEASE don’t reply to this e-mail, images just don’t attach: EMAIL US HERE

Check out these stunning color wheels, courtesy of
the talented Cuesta Students of Professor Lauren Rayburn!

These awesome colorful beauties will grace our front window for the next month – please check them out when you visit us!

A BIG THANK YOU to Professor Rayburn and her students!

Jason Mayr had the following musings about Color theory…

Color Theory for Picture Making – Most of us begin with the idea of the color wheel as a 2 dimensional idea. As you move around the outside of the wheel you move through the hues, Yellow, orange, red….And as you move from the outside of the wheel which represents the full chroma or intensity of the hue toward the inside of the wheel the hue loses its intensity and moves toward neutral which is the center of the wheel. So with the 2 dimensional wheel you can change/control the hue and intensity. But the most important piece of picture making is left out. That being value or how light or dark a hue is with white being the lightest and black being the darkest. This add a 3rd dimension to the color wheel.

Gamblin has a wonderful video illustrating the idea of color space instead of a color wheel here –
In my classes I like to encourage students to break the picture into a Light value – white, a second value of color – full intensity color, a third value of grey – neutral complimentary color and a dark – black. This guarantees a dynamic impact to the work.

Stay tuned for classes by:

Jason Mayr

Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:55pm (pst) Jason holds the Mayr Studio Sketch Club LIVE on our Mayr Studio Facebook page.  It gets going at 7pm and runs about 20 minutes. Sundays we work on 4 five minute sketches, Tuesdays we work on 2 ten minute sketches and Thursdays we work on 1 twenty minute sketch.

For those that don’t have Facebook we do rebroadcast onto our YouTube channel MayrStudio.

Grab your pencils and paper and come join us. It’s fun for all levels, no pressure just old fashioned sketching fun for the whole family.

Tricia Reichert

Click here to go directly to Tricia’s online webinar classes and videos.

There you will find a growing range of ‘Paint-Along’. Live Watercolor Webinars, Live Small Group Classes, Courses and Videos.

 Live Watercolor Webinar classes, feature weekly classes in different levels to help you increase and develop your watercolor skills. Each webinar will offer a different subject and these could include flowers, seascapes, landscapes, still life, figures, animals and birds, architecture etc.  I use two cameras so that you can see the demonstration table clearly and close up.

New! Pastel Small Group Classes – on-going 4 week sessions are now available – watch for new dates on my online site

Ink Line and Wash and Sumi Ink – ‘split day’ workshops are also now available – watch for new dates on my online site

Live Small Group Interactive Classes, Videos, Courses, Workshops and One to One Sessions are now also available.

You can see the Trailers of all of the available ‘Paint Along with Me’ Class Videos on YouTube at Tricia Reichert Studio

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