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A memorial to benefit others…

By December 12, 2018February 28th, 2019No Comments

Fundraising sale for a deserving young artist after Christmas, at Art Central

I sometimes look around my studio and pity whoever will have to go through it when I’ve come to the end of my journey. There are some really great materials – watercolors, oils, beautiful brushes, assorted papers and pads, frames, tons of pencils, markers, etc. Of course there are also the drawers of “STUFF” that I can’t bear to part with – I just know that someday I’ll make a mosaic, or something out of all the clutter… (yeah, right…)
Sound like your studio?

One lovely lady, Anna Unkovich, came to the end of her journey several months ago, and her husband Don came to me to see if I could help him find a home for all of the items that were a part of her studio.

I love facilitating events like this. Once again, Art Central will host a fundraiser, and like last year, all proceeds will be given to Morro Bay Art Association to offer a scholarship to an art student. And a generous friend of mine, who is in the process of downsizing, heard about this upcoming event, and decided that she would like to offer some of her own excess materials to benefit the scholarship.

As we did last year, this sale will be held in our gallery, and there will be a wonderful array of art supplies to choose from. There will be a LOT of frames, mostly new, in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Please come, browse, and buy, and help us to help another young artist get the financial assistance to pursue his or her passion!

Our sale will run from December 27th thru January 2nd, but please note that we will be closed December 31st and New Years Day.

Help us create a wonderful memorial for Anna, and a fantastic opportunity for a young artist.

“Anna was a creator. In both words and art pieces, she loved to produce something that ignited a feeling. As a lifelong teacher, it was her wish that she be able to go on teaching even after she left this existence. Anna would be thrilled that this fundraiser will benefit future artists.”

Happy Holidays –
Etty and the awesome staff of Art Central

and more!