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Hi everyone, thank you all for your continued support and creativity. We have gotten a great response to our Virtual galleries and we are excited to reveal this week’s


If you haven’t visited our blog before, please read the following if you’d like to participate in our upcoming virtual exhibits.  We’ve been posting a new one every Friday:

* When you send images, PLEASE don’t reply to this e-mail
It is a “DoNotReply” e-mail, and images just won’t attach.  Don’t know why, but they don’t.  (Super frustrating for us!)
E-mail your images to  Also, please use this same e-mail if you are placing an order. And it’s so helpful if you include your name and the word “order” in the subject line.  If you have questions, please call us during CURBSIDE pick-up times (Mon – Fri, 9am-1pm) at 805-747-4200.

I want to share a thought with all of you – you wonderful, creative, generous folk that are part of my Art Central family….

So many of you have thanked me profusely for being here during this crazy, strange, frightening time, thanking me for continue to offer supplies, a laugh, inspiration.  You are all so very welcome. But I have to tell you – your appreciation and kindness give me the support, the drive, and the determination to keep Art Central going.  And you keep me strong.  Thank you all. 


Mieko Temple

“Hi Etty and team! Would love to share this recent American flamingo piece I finished. Thanks for keeping everyone creative! Stay well” – Mieko Temple

Hilda Vandergriff

“Etty hope you are doing well. Here is an image for your next newsletter. Really have been enjoying and seeing your newsletters. Beautiful Morro Bay, how I love seeing The Rock” – Hilda Vandergriff

Laurel Sherrie

“Here is an image for your Virtual Exhibit, if you so choose to include it. On this morning, I left the house to go painting, not knowing where I would end up, and driving the Huasna Road, turning a corner, I came upon this sumptuous field of lupine, hills and oaks.” – Laurel Sherrie

A few self portraits by Sandra Ronda

“These are some Monotypes that I have been working on” also by Sandra Ronda

Walt Disney Concert Halls by Bob Canepa

Tracy Taylor

“Mindful Organization” by Tracy Taylor

Roxanne Rogoway

“‘Raccoon Eyes’ Watercolor pencil, watercolor, acrylic gesso on canvas.

Did you ever wear your sunglasses to the beach on a cloudy day, and wish you hadn’t when you took them off? Haha. 😃” -Roxanne Rogoway


“‘The model ‘

Pastel by Valerie Marlow”

Cheryl Strahl

“Hi Etty and Art Central Staff, I hope that you’re all doing well, staying healthy and staying safe!  These are very strange times, and the uncertainly just adds to the stress that we’re all feeling now.   But, you are making the most of our situation by seeking all of the creative good that is coming out of our sheltering- in-place, and I thank you for the uplifting emails that you sent out with beautiful artwork and inspiring words for us all.
Please consider adding this image in one of your emails.  Since I can’t travel, I’ve been going back to past trips and processing images.  This is one from my trip to South Africa last July.  I will send more as I work on them.

Keep up the good work- I miss you all! Love, Cheryl Strahl”

“Hi!  These are two 4×6 greeting cards  painted in watercolor.  ‘Bunny ‘n Blueberries’, and ‘Up a Tree Without a Paddle’.  Fun doing quick small paintings.” – Marjory Abeyta

“I was able to spend some time with my mom on mother’s day over a video call while our family painted some rocks together, inspiration from Etty and her creative rocks!”
-Shauna Jellison

Mari O'Brien

” Here is another offering for the Art Central virtual gallery: ‘Quarantine Quickstep'” Acrylic on watercolor paper 12”x16” by Mari O’Brien

Lori Wise

Painting by Lori Wise

Andrew Olson

Painting by Andrew Olson

“I’ve mentioned that I walk Casey down by the river – I usually pick up rocks and bring them home to paint.  Then I bring them back, setting them on the side of the road for others to see – and if they’re so inclined – to take home.  Others have started to do this, too, and I love coming across the work of other “rock” artists – I don’t take their art, but I do take pics.  Check these out – aren’t they awesome?” – Etty

unknown 1   unknown4   unknown3   unknown2

– unknown artists –

There’s always room for growth! Take the time and try to learn something new and expand your creativity by following along with a youtube painting lesson. Here’s one to try, but there are many more out there!

Stay updated: what local art instructors are doing to offer classes during Covid-19:

Artists at Morro Bay Art Association :

David Limrite :

Jason Mayr :

Nic Stover :

Artists at SLOMA :

If you are an art instructor teaching online workshops or hosting critiques please share a link with us so we can include you in our next virtual gallery.



  • Jo Jackson says:

    Hi Etty-lovey!I stumbled across this YT channel and keep returning to it:  WowArt.   He posts a new one nearly every day.  There’s an almost Zen-ness to watching him create these acrylic paintings and I’ve picked up some technique tips and solutions from watching, such as the seat cushion foam for clouds and q-tip bundles and aluminum foil balls for foliage.  I thought I’d share it with you and if you think it appropriate, share with others.   I’m spending lots of time working on my butterfly gardens and haven’t done any painting other than to freshen up the frog.  But I’ve made gods eye sails for my wind chimes and temple bells.  It’s all good! Your rocks have given me an idea tho for a new area in my garden . . . 😘 Be well and safe!  Thanks for your blog!HugsJo ^j^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ who would have suspected that when we changed the clocks we’d go from Standard Time to the Twilight Zone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Ana says:

    Peace and show kindness Ana